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Off-site accessibility and improved usability with the enhanced Ascom Unite platform


Gothenburg/Sweden, February 13, 2012

This spring Ascom Wireless Solutions introduces two exciting new features to the Ascom Unite communication platform. The system, which links sophisticated mission-critical working processes, now offers a bridge between on-site users and external colleagues through Unite Axess – the company’s first smartphone app. Also, the system’s overall graphical interface has been extensively updated, adding a truly intuitive experience.

Ascom Unite is the only currently available solution that can deliver intelligent integration, advanced alarm/messaging services and system management in one powerful package. An experience now about to become even more user-friendly. The just released Unite Axess application for smartphones offers an all-new functionality by successfully connecting external staff members to the organization’s Ascom Unite system. This means that mission-critical key personnel can tap in to the information flow and keep updated on current events in real-time. Or, even interact by sending messages directly from their smartphone to IP-DECT or VoWiFi handsets. The look and feel of the application builds directly from the existing interface on the Ascom i62, making the smartphone experience as intuitive as can be.

“With Unite Axess every function within the system is right at hand – safely encrypted from end-to-end. This is the first time that we take one of our platforms outside a client’s facility with a fully Unite supported solution and the same functionality that’s in our IP-DECT/VoWiFi handsets. And, to eliminate the risk that comes with lost private phones – absolutely no information is stored locally,” says Niclas Hamp, Manager Solutions & Services at Ascom.

Added external accessibility, however, is not the only improvement. The Ascom Unite architecture has just been remodeled to allocate incoming tasks between the Ascom Unite Connectivity Manager and the Ascom Unite Application Manager in a whole new fashion. Thus rendering more processing power, enabling a modernized graphical interface with increased usability and easy drag-and-drop functions.

“This will put our end-users in total control. A head nurse at a hospital ward, for instance, will now be able to easily decide which events should be sent to which nurse, link personnel to new patient beds, make timetable changes or reassign emergency calls to a new mobile handset. All in all, a major time-saving improvement with instant patient benefits, making it impossible to misinterpret who’s responsible for a specific emergency,” says Niclas Hamp.

Ascom Unite Axess, and the new Ascom Unite functionality, is available now.
Visit the Apple AppStore for more information.


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